Kjellberg Plasma Source

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With just a few settings the new plasma cutting units of the Smart Focus series achieve excellent results in the cutting range from 1 to 100 mm. Even under challenging conditions highest cutting quality and speed are realised. Therefore we use our proven cutting technologies as for example Contour Cut for cutting mild steel. The optimised gas control units and torches protect the consumables, reduce the gas consumption and the costs per cutting metre. As a further development of Contour Cut the new Silent Cut technology reduces the sound pressure level by up to 15 dB(A) during cutting.

We are offer Kjellberg Plasma source as OEM Partner
As pioneers in plasma cutting we have worked intensively on refining this separating process since 1959. We offer you diverse products for CNC-guided and manual plasma cutting. Being the technology leader and oldest manufacturer on the market, Kjellberg Finsterwalde's products of the HiFocus series achieve highest cutting quality and are, therefore, a serious alternative to laser cutting or other precision cutting methods.

With Kjellberg Finsterwalde's products - Made in Germany - users not only acquire state-of-the-art plants but also the latest plasma cutting technology. HiFocus stands for highest cutting quality. It allows not only cutting in vertical position and with a smooth surface but also with almost no further treatment required. The cost-efficient units of the PA-S series offer good cutting results for simple applications. The liquid-cooled plasma torch allows the use of air, oxygen, argon and hydrogen as plasma gas. Furthermore, these robust plasma cutting units can be operated with hand and machine torches.

CutFire stands as synonym for powerful but technically simple plasma cutting inverters at low investment costs which are suitable for mechanised cutting of thin sheets. Kjellberg's systems for manual plasma cutting can be used for many applications. According to the customers' preferences there are diverse systems which are perfectly tailored to their individual requirements.


Q series

Get ready for the future with our new Q series of digital plasma cutting machines. This new generation of plasma cutting machines is the result of intense research and development at Kjellberg, marking a milestone in our 60 years of experience in plasma cutting and setting new standards in terms of quality and connectivity.

The plasma cutting machines Q 3000 and Q 3000 plus combine precise highest level plasma cutting and marking with the requirements of digitalised manufacturing. Thanks to our unique Q-Desk operator interface The user has access to information about the process, the consumables used and also machine wear enabling him to plan and execute a variety of maintenance tasks as guided by the system.


CutFire 100i

The CutFire 100i is a powerful plasma unit with air as plasma gas. It offers a wide range of applications at low investment costs. It is equipped with the latest inverter technology and is one of the few air-cooled systems on the market that offers a duty cycle of 100%.

The cutting inverters CutFire 100i built in or after 2017 are equipped with the new machine torch Flash 101. With its new consumables the torch uses air as swirl gas.The air rotating around the plasma arc stabilizes the arc and thus enables piercing up to 20 mm. The cooling and protective effect of the swirl gas ensures higher cutting speeds and an increased lifetime of the consumables.

The CutFire 100i is ideally suited for cutting thin sheets in ventilation and switch cabinet construction, in metal construction and many other craftsmen businesses, industrial and production plants.