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CNC Woodworking Router adopt steel structure body, use Rack and Pinion and Linear Guide ways, are equipped with high speed water cooling spindle (or HSD air cooling spindle) and High speed stepper motor( or Japan Servo motor), advanced CNC control system, it is widely used for woodworking and Sign making.
The software of M series Woodworking CNC Router is compatible with Type3/Artcam/UG/Pro-E/Mastercam/Ucancam V9 and so on.
With CNC Wood Router, you can improve cutting and engraving quality, Increase production volume, Gain better material yields, Decrease overhead and Increase profits.
Equipments India offers a full range CNC Woodworking Machine, M-1325AT is a CNC Machining Center, it has automatic tool changer device (straight-line tools storeroom with 8 pcs tools).

Model M-1325A M-1325B M-1325C M-1325D M-1325AT
XY Guide Rack and Pinoin, Gear drive ad linear Guide ways
Drive Type Micro-Step Stepper Motor Servo System
X,Y area (mm) 1300x2500
Z area (mm) 150 200
Resolution (mm) 0.025
Max Speed (mm/min) 35000 60000
Max Cutting Speed 25000 mm/Min
Spindle 1 3.0 KW 1.05 KW 4.5 KW 6.0 KW HSD 8.0 KW HSD
Spindle 2 No 1.5 KW No No No
Auto tools Changer No 2 Heads No No 8 tools
Software Artcam, Type 3 (Optional)
Computer Interface USB Disk or Ncstudio
Command code HPGL, G-code
Accessories NO Vacuum hold down, Dust Collector
Collets Φ3.175mm/Φ6mm/Φ12.7mm
Power AC220V±10% / 50~60Hz AC380V±10% / 50~60Hz / 3Phase
Warranty 12 Months
Main Features of cnc router machine with auto tool changer:
  • • It is widely used for production of cabinet door, solid wooden door, computer desk, assembling furniture and large area and mass engraving on MDF and HDF, wood board, plane cutting,3D embossment and so on.
  • • Configured with imported tool magazine of 8 tools the machine can change tools speedy and freely.
  • • Tool sensor enables the machine compensate the tolerance of the tool length.
  • • Vacuum working table with double cavities and Bakelite material with high absorption power.
  • • Imported control system, separated keyboard control, color LCD display add No.25 high accuracy square linear guide rail and rack from Taiwan.

Technical Parameters of cnc router machine with auto tool changer:
Working Area 2000*3000*250mm
Spindle Type water cooling spindle
Spindle Power 9.0KW Chinese ATC
Spindle Rotating Speed 0-24000rpm
Power (except spindle power) 5.8KW (include powers of: motors, drivers, inverters and so on)
Power Supply AC380/220v±10, 50 HZ
Worktable Vacuum Table and T-slot
Driving Syestm Japanses Yaskawa servo motors and drivers
Transmission X,Y : Gear rack, high accuracy square guide rail
Z:ball screw TBI and hiwin square guide rai
Locating precision <0.01mm
Min Shaping Character Character:2x2mm,letter:1x1mm
Operating Temperature 5oC-40oC
Working Humidity 30% - 75% (without condensed water)
Working Precision ±0.03mm
System Resolution ±0.001mm
Control Configuration Syntec 6MA controller
Data Transfer Interface USB
System Environment Windows 7/8/10
Spindle Cooling Way Water cooling
Inverter Delta inverter
Limited Switch High sensitivity limited switches
Graphic Format Supported G code: *.u00, * mmg, * plt, *.nc
Compatible Software ARTCAM, UCANCAM ,Type3 and other CAD or CAM softwares
Cutting Thickness 0-40mm also (depends on different material)
Z Tool Censor yes
Packing Plywood case (veneer wood case for export)