CNC Plasma Cutting Machines

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CNC Plasma cutting machine is capable of cutting material much faster than oxy fuel, but plasma is only capable of piercing material maximum up to 50mm thick. Plasma is also able to cut a larger range of material and transfers much less heat into material than oxy fuel. Often plasma cutting torches and oxy fuel cutting torches are mounted on the same Gantry as CNC Flame & Plasma cutting machine to give the machine a larger range of processing thicknesses, for example 3mm - 150+mm with Flame cutting. For most work Plasma is more efficient than Oxy fuel as 90% of steel cut is less than 50mm thick and if you were to compare some suitable Plasma Cutting system to an oxy fuel system it would process 50mm mild steel more than twice as fast.

This machine is the Heavy - duty gantry in the standard SH Electronics Co. product line. The Equi-CUT HG series is designed for use with the latest technology in today's Air Plasma, Oxygen Plasma and Precision Plasma cutting systems as well as multi-head oxy-fuel applications. The high stiffness, precise linear guides in the transverse axis and heavy-duty tracks guarantee the very best quality and a long duration of life. The leading edge of machine technology, incorporating the industry's most reliable digital servo amplifiers, AC brushless Servo motors, precision gearboxes equipped with machine easily becomes the most productive part of your cutting operation. Fast Oxy fuel cutting with integrated height sensing and ignition.

Large structural steel tubing is welded together to form the end trucks and cross axis beam. Mating assembly surfaces are precision machined and ground for maximum accuracy. Precision gear rack insures repeatability and accuracy throughout the entire cutting process. CNC Plasma cutting machines also known as CNC Cutting machine, cnc plasma table, table cnc, Plasma Cutting machine, Plasma Cutter, Plasma cnc.

Standard Features
  • • Cutting width available 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 & 3.0 meter as well as customized as per customer expected Sizes
  • • Cutting length available from 3.0, 6.5, 13.5 meter as well as extended as per customer expected Sizes
  • • Longitudinal and transverse energy feed drag chains, hose/ cable clean and move smooth
  • • AC Servo drive amplifiers for years of maintenance free operation.
  • • AC Servo motors for wide speed range with accurate speed control
  • • For High Torque Planetary gearbox equipped as per application
  • • CNC controller 10.5 or 15 inch colour screen allows entering the program directly on the system or transfer files through USB drive
  • • Nesting software available for Programming
  • • Single torch station available with standard set, another station will be added as per request
  • • Maximum machine Rapid speed: 15000 - 20000 mm/min
  • • Precision Linear Rail Hiwin, PMI or SKF Drive Engagement for X Axis movement
  • • T-24kg T section rails, adjustable steel mounting pads for adjusting height level straightness to get accurate movement in Length
  • • Oxy Fuel Edge Prep Station - for straight line bevel cuts in either X or Y direction
  • • Oxy fuel cutting thickness: 5 mm - 200mm
  • • Plasma cutting thickness depend as per chosen Plasma Source