Air Plasma Source

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Use imported optical components, good beam quality, high efficiency of Electro-optic conversion.

Air Plasma Source

Procut Series

With more power from an output current of 75, 105 & 125Amps this premier system is for 50mm(2") handheld cutting.
Designed as a portable machine the operator can easily select exactly the right tool for job
Hand cutting, gouging, portable automation, X-Y table and so on.

Maximum Productivity

The cutting speed of dross free can reach 900mm/min for 16mm mild steel.

Higher Reliability and Stability

Designed with 100% duty cycle for the most demanding production environments.

Designed and tested as the TOPWELL PROCUT series product for superior reliability in the most demanding cutting environments.

Long Life Consumables

Reduce costs with long consumables life and more up time.


Low maintenance for maximum uptime.

We SH Electronics Co. are pleased to introduce a Dynamic New Technology Air Plasma Cutting Machines under the brand name of "Maxwin". Maxwin is a technology different than conventional Inverter plasma Machines. The cutting quality of this technology is much superior to conventional inverter Air Plasma machines.

We assure you of Maxwin's quality features, timely delivery and all round services. This machine stands out to be a perfect choice to use in various sectors such as aerospace, ship building, auto, chemicals, mining, construction, steel machinery, steel construction structure, alloys and so on. Models Available in 40, 60, 80, 100 & 125 Amps